Friday, December 12, 2008

JAK-Z is serious business. The guy makes some of the best beats coming out of the UK, he's a regular at the best party in the world MODA, and this is his FIRST US APPEARANCE. I think it's pretty awesome. So should you.

I really wanted to put a track here... but I seem to have lost all my JAK Z when my hard drive decided to die. I will hunt some down... check back soon.


Anonymous said...

thanks for posting the flyer!

you can download a jak-z bootleg on our page:

xo, Jamal

Famousish said...

somedays i think about how you have to write everyday, and im like man i wish it hadnt gone down the way it had. then i call the office of emergency management and arrange a bus to pick up some guys to crash at a church and i go, to myself, "fuck. id rather be blogging right now." I think i just made an un-point. im ok with that. if you play your cards right and get that hooker for me and the good doctor you may have a bouncer on your hands. not promising shit, just thinking about it.

Tiffany Diane said...
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