Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Busy P Just Wants to Listen to Hip Hop Yo!

You might think that PEDRO WINTER aka BUSY P, the guy who runs ED BANGER RECORDS and manages DAFT PUNK, would have a love for dance music so strong that he could listen to it endlessly all day forever. But I think just like you and me, he's kind of sick of it to an extent. I mean I don't get nearly as much as I want, but can you imagine in France where everyone and there mom is an Electro DJ and all they want to talk about is the new DANGER REMIX... I'd start a folk music blog just to hear something else. So, I kind of understand why in the first 20 minutes of this live mix that Pedro decides to only play hip hop. I imagine he planned on only playing rap for the entire set, but realizing that no one was dancing to it, or that it wasn't as edgy as he intended thought it would be, he settled for what he does best. No offense Pedro, but stick to what you know and give the kids what they want.


I don't have a tracklisting, but really there isn't anything new here.

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Anonymous said...

hiphop is my personal jesus