Thursday, June 12, 2008

Plastic LIttle NLLR Mix

At the Factory People SXSW07 party I mistakenly (and drunkenly) went up to one of the guys in PLASTIC LITTLE and asked him about being in Flosstradamus. Whoops. I saw PL preform the next day and I was sure I wouldn't make that mistake again. They were awesome, and funny, and had amazing energy. This was around the time I was close to losing complete faith in Hip Hop so I was kind of greatful too. I just finished listening to their new NLLR mix, and at 27 minutes, it's the perfect length and really fun too. The song selection isn't what you'd expect, but it has everything from DJ Sega remixes to Slick Rick.


1 comment:

gross said...

Niiooce. Plastic Little's "the Jump Off" is one of my all time favorite songs.... this mix is dope.....