Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Took a Couple Days off

I've been busy as shit... and I've been lazy/tired after this weekends non stop drinking partying schedule, so it's good to finally feel recovered. On that note, TheFamousish.com and DGENETIC'S MUSIC LABEL will be doing a mini-tour the weekend of AUGUST 7TH - 9TH. We will be going to MONTERREY, HOUSTON, and AUSTIN. Keep an ear to the ground regarding venues and times because this is a going to be huge. This tour will include OLD GOLD, DJ PUMPKIN PATCH(BJORK's favorite DJ), and DGENETICS whom all have been named URB next 100, and also offered a spot on the next PRESETS tour. Yes... the motherfucking PRESETS. This is a huge treat for anyone who lives in these three cites. Stay tuned for details.

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