Saturday, August 23, 2008


Focusing on two interesting angles of the London music scene, DUSK + BLACKDOWN have made a video more UK than anything else I've seen in a long time. The first half is dubstep/grime with an absolutely insane looking MC DURRTY GOODZ rapping in the car. The second shitfs drastically to a more melodic dubstep with singer FARRAH. Diasporic Indians in the UK have a huge influence and a well established music scene in the UK, but for some reason it hasn't really ever transfered over to the US. I think this is only the second example I've ever scene other than when JAY-Z teamed up with MC PUNJABI. Not too mention the video is some killer eye candy.

Keysound Video presents... Dusk + Blackdown: Margins Music


Orlando Mas said...

Nice post about Key Sounds Recordings. They've grown in sound in recent years. Before they were just so so dubstep blog tracks, now I want to own their music. Check out their podcast from XLR8R. Its pretty deep and then when it hits with Starkey "Gutter Music" around 25mins it gets grimey! I initially rewound it a few times to hear it again. Thanks for the video, I would have missed it otherwise. You keep surprising me.

Doneski said...

Thanks man. Yeah I heard that XLR8R podcast and thought the same thing. I'm gonna keep up with these guys, so if I hear anything else I be sure to send it your way.