Friday, August 15, 2008

Hollywood Holt... We Love Ya

I remember when NIGEL "HOLLYWOOD" HOLT was only known in small moped circles. But it seems like the kid is coming up big. This video was featured on KANYE WEST'S blog with the simple title THIS VIDEO IS THE SHIIIIITTTT!!!!. I'm glad too, because HOLT has a lot more style than people give him credit for, plus his live show is amazing. And as an added bonus he's completely out of his mind. Everyone I know has a crazy HOLLYWOOD HOLT story. During SXSW I saw him walking around the Nylon party pool drunk off his ass with no shirt on, a fist full of money, and a squirt gun creepin' like he was in Cabrini Green or something. Or what about last Pitchfork when I was in a cab and he rolls up next to us on his white tomos going like 40 mph and tells us to go get burgers with him. Love ya HOLT... Love ya.

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