Monday, September 29, 2008

THE CAVE PARTY pictures!

thanks to our friend Eugene Hsu we have some awesome pictures from THE CAVE PARTY. if you have more please send the our way! visit our flickr to see more pictures.


Anonymous said...

Awesome night!

So gret I don't remember all of it!

Sarah Haywood said...

IF ANYONE FOUND A BLACK FIJI POINT AND SHOOT CAMERA I WILL PAY YOU!! I LEFT IT SITTING ON THE SPEAKER!! PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I just bought it the day of the cave party bc the night before my Canon Rebel was stolen. Cheers.


Graham said...

Great party, but I was pretty goddamn embarrassed by the mob of people who were surrounding Bill Murray the entire time he was there.

Do you all really think he came to the party to be gawked at and mobbed by a bunch of hipster fucks? Don't you people know how to behave like adults around people of interest, or would you like it if you went someplace and were surrounded by a bunch of quivering fanboys taking pictures.

At the end of the Q & A for City of Ember, Mr. Murray expressed his wish to come party with us in the cave and instead he got a mob scene. Way to go Austin.