Monday, September 22, 2008

Pogo - Alice

I found this super creative song made up of mostly samples from Alice In Wonderland. I can't find much about the author, only that he goes by POGO and NICK BERTKE. It's certainly a nice change from all the bass pounding bangers I usually post.

POGO - ALICE(zshare)


Annie Strole said...

thanks for this! alice in wonderland is my favorite movie. so gooood.

Anonymous said...

yeah is a steaming hot piece of

Anonymous said...

hey donski pleaase dont stop
walking around & talking to people
with a false sense of pride & accomplishment. It is of great amusement to the rest of us.
Dont listen to the people man
your a real dj bro.

Btw we also love the fact that you
are selling out house music to (hipsters) how you like to call them. I guess you never learned
Music crosses all crowds/faces/boundaries of people
With the only sole porpuse to make you happy & dance forget about everyone else around you . NOT to look (cool) being seen somewhere.
but i guess you dont really love music.

maybe your skills would be better suited in advertising for axe spray
Or scion cars ;] just something to think about

Pz out

Doneski said...

I'm confused. You're right though... I hate music.

Famousish said...

hahaha someone is mad that they didnt get invited to the boat party.

MUSSELS said...

i only dance to look cool, i thought that's what i was supposed to do to be a hipster??? i mean... i studied that yelle video like a MILLION times. did you guys know justice played a secret party at black and tan?

Anonymous said...

So that guy above is obviously just mad he wasn't on a boat.

Anonymous said...

ive watch that yelle vid a million times, and i just cant get the steps down...does anybody know were i can get some dance lessons, i wanna be cool.