Monday, September 8, 2008


There's sooo many good shows coming up. They're already posted on the right side of this blog... but I'll but them up here anyways.
Make sure you RSVP for this one. It's a really big treat to have both MIDNIGHT JUGAURNAUTS and HEARTSREVOLUTION here in one night.

DAYTA and SQUINCY JONES are from Houston and I've been wanting to see them play for awhile. Plus, I really like Elysium, and I think it's time this becomes the new dance party spot.

I'm super SUPER exctied about this night. For one, THERE WILL BE A BLINKING CROSS... and we are playing the best JUSTICE tracks and remixes. You're basically getting JUSTICE without the JUSTICE. With $2 dollar drinks all night... it's most definitely worth it.

There's also a DOPE DOPE afterparty on the 13th. The place has a pool, and there will be lots of free booze. FUN!


Anonymous said...

are you serious about the justice party ?
i dont see the point of doing this?
whats so great about it?
pretty strange/weird

Anonymous said...

we love HATERS!

Anonymous said...

not (hating)
just think the theme of the party
is a bit bizarre ?

Doneski said...

It might be a bit bizzare... but it's also fun. I think it will make more sense when you see it. We're gonna have a blinking cross, really loud sound, and basically the same set Justice plays live. Come check it out... if you didn't have any fun, I'll personally refund your 3 bucks. And you still get 2 dollar drinks all night.

Anonymous said...


micael said...

christie's buddy Switch wants us to go to that Midnight Juggernauts show here (it's a diff lineup here though, has Fluokids and some others). This gonna be good?

Anonymous said...

What time does it start?