Saturday, November 8, 2008



This show is going to be insane. Two stages... yes we are bringing back the outside. THE DISCO VILLAINS have had TWO number one hits on Hype Machine... are played by everyone from Justice to Doneski... and are going to be here next Saturday. As if that isn't enough... we will be handing out FREE tickets to FLOSSTRADAMUS the following weekend. So do the math... 5 bucks gets you THE DISCO VILLAINS & FLOSSTRADAMUS. This is a no brainer.


Anonymous said...

Why thank you :) we love you famousish...disco villains looks fun, and ya'll r rt, you cant go wrong with some free floss.

Anonymous said...

Floss !!! i am going to need a new outfit from urban before asap !

gilmar said...
amazing dj and producer
add him

Anonymous said...

ahahahaha the disco villians such posers!!!