Friday, November 14, 2008

Party @ 7th & Pedernales Tonight

THE SHAKEY HANDS from Portland will be playing.

There's gonna be kegs.

and DONESKI (me!) will be DJing.


Tiffany Diane said...

Is this a house party? I could use a house party.

Anonymous said...

Screw that band, haha.

the band now known as 'cut of your hands' had to change their name from shaky hands to that because of them. haha

James Allen said...

my ring has been notified
hope this turns out

James Allen said...

What's the deal? This is the second time you've led your viewers to a party that was not happening. The last time (since I've been reading this blog) being the one at 6th and Brushy.

With directions as vague as 7th and Pedernales, one would expect the party would be either visible or audible from the intersection. When it was not, I drove around the surrounding streets and came across nothing.

There's a credibility issue here... when you say you're DJing, you're a primary source for the party. And if no such party exists, it reflects negatively on those who advertise it.