Wednesday, December 17, 2008


RETROVOX aka REY AGUILAR sent me a mix of his today. But before I could take a listen to it, I stumbled across this late 80's early 90's house mix on his myspace. WOW. I just listened to it from beginning to end... SO GOOD. It's really hard to find good early house online these days, the only way you can really get your hands on it is by going to record shops and getting the vinyl. SO BIG UP TO YOU CRATE DIGGERS! Also, I was waiting for a mix worthy of this picture... I finally found it!

808'S & 303'S MIX (88-92) (zshare)

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Jay Sunwalker said...

1/2 of Retrovox (Rey) & a Friend (Jay)...2gether make up ?¿? ... Thanx 4 the post!!! on behalf of Rey & I (Friend) we'll b workin' on anotha nostalgic MIX in Feb. '09...Have a GREAT HOLIDAY!!!