Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Your favorite (and only) after hours spot, THE MUSIC GYM, is offering quite the deal. A onece a month $40 dollar fee gets you access to every single after-hour party... and a bunch more. Now I'm sure you're thinking... $40 dollars?!?... but think about this logically... you get 2-3 afterparties a week (9-12 a month) with free booze and a good time fore sure. Best of all these are cop proof. Don't be silly... get your self one while you can. Here's the official statement:

The Music Gym Dance Membership gives all members 24/7 access to Music Gym resources and facilities, including dance floor, lounge, wireless internet, Music Gym web profile, and more. We also host weekly, members-only, 21+, all hours parties with complimentary beverages and top local music talent from the gym.

Check out their website for membership info.

1 comment:

Famousish said...

i saw something for $300 bucks...

that cant be it.

this internet is so hard to figger out.