Monday, February 9, 2009

AA 24/7

I fucking love the original of this track. I should have known that Diplo would come out with a remix and do it no Justice. You can't really blame Diplo though, I heard he doesn't even make his own remixes.

DANCE AREA - AA 24/7 (DIPLO REMIX) (zshare)


Anonymous said...

who did you hear from
that diplo doesn't make
his own remixes??
how could anyone believe
something so stupid like that ?

Doneski said...

Well... let's just say that I know a guy who knows a guy. I know it sounds ridiculous, but trust me, Mad Decent is much more "Factory*" like than you think.

*See Andy Warhol's Factory.

mario barrio said...


you guys are soo fucking weird :\