Friday, February 20, 2009


THIS TRACK IS AMAING. Produced by Austin's very own -and with this track soon to be very big - IAN ORTH. Let me remind you this is an O-RIG-NAL. And remember that in a few weeks the learning secret guys are throwing a party at beauty. Bring your A game.



Anonymous said...

Heard you're trying to be a big dog and hide bitch, don't wanna get bit now

Doneski said...

ruff times.

RiCHARD.GEAR said...

haha, fern, looks like you got a fan club! they couldnt wait to come and post threatening messages on ur blog.... oh little time that is available, it would seem....

MUSSELS said...

Blog wars!!!!!!!!!

ian orth said...

the thing is though, if you're gonna talk shit, then dont be a pussy and go anonymous with it. i mean lets get it all out in the open, theres nothing wrong with honesty if it helps people come to an understanding. but calling somebody a bitch, but then hiding behind "anonymous" well buddy thats truly the bitch move.

Anonymous said...

go try that shit in PR and see what happens :b

Alex said...

Ilkl Kick Ur Ass

Anonymous said...

Ok, so what's all this about?

Anonymous said...

i think they are mad because you mis spelled original

teenagewolf said...

hey guys its alex
really me ,
sorry about all these anonymous comments , from my friends
they are not fueled by me .
and in no ways represent
anything i am saying .

what happened , happened
im ready to move on .

but yeah anyone else reading this
i appreciate you , standing up for me . but i really dont want
or need anyone to keep escalating
this further .



Alex said...

I ain t you , b itch

Anonymous said...

Mexico is better than Puerto Rico.

joshua said...

1st back and tan vs. 6th street.
2nd fern vs. alex.

my money is on wild life vs. learning secrets is next. oh maybe the peen scene vs annie ray. my favorite will be dlrd vs austin.

austin battle royal: 2009.

The Peen Scene said...

it's on like Donkey Kong!!!

Host said...

Hello, everyone in this scene in Austin! You are the lucky people chosen for this year's Battle Royale!

Congratulations! Now, I'm going to explain the rules for you. Listen well to fight right and with gusto.

You are in downtown Austin that looks like this! It's about 10 kilometers around but we evacuated everyone, so it's empty!

Downtown is divided into many zones. Every six hours, your host will broadcast updates about which zones are becoming danger zones.

If you're in those zones, you should leave quickly...because the danger is...

OK, about the wristbands you're wearing.

They're 100% waterproof and shockproof...and permanent. It monitors your pulse, informing us of your location and movements. So if you linger in a danger zone, or cause trouble, we can identify you and transmit radio waves that trigger an alarm and boom! It explodes! If you try to rip it off, it explodes too, so promise not to do that, okay?

Oh, I forgot one important thing. There's a time limit on this game! One weekend. If we haven't got a winner after a weekend...all the wristbands automatically explode! And no-one wins. As long as we're here, let's fight hard so that doesn't happen!

You'll leave the cabs one by one, but first you get a kit. Inside is food and beer, laptops and a phone, camera and a weapon. So check it out later, OK? The girls might need personal items so you can all take them.

Each weapon is different. Not just guns and knives, either. It's random, so maybe you'll get lucky, maybe not. It eliminates natural advantages. ::gasp:: this one's super lucky!

joshua said...

HA! oh shit. you just made my day.