Tuesday, March 3, 2009



or at least it's just about here... but everyone knows that the madness starts now as you try your damn hardest to get on the list for every single party. To make that experience significantly easier... we here at TheFamousish are turning this page into a full time SXSW blog until this thing is over. We won't be doing every event... just the one's that we think are cool. If you want to RSVP to every singer songwriter/country/metal show out there... THIS & THIS link are your best bet. But if you like loud music, dancing, drinking, drugs, louder music, girls, boys, tranny's, all things Satan... than you're in good company!

All events that we like will be listed on the right side of the page. If you click on the picture it will either take you to an enlarged version of the flier, or to the RSVP page. If the RSVP is just an Email... the flier or the directed page will have it.

If you want super super up to date info... join us on TWITTER. We will be letting you know about anything that comes up during sxsw as we get it.

That pretty much does it.

As an added bonus to this post... here's a song that pretty much sums up what SXSW is all about for us here at TheFamousish.



Scott Henderson said...

Still following and still loving The Famousish mate. I look forward to your SXSW coverage with a healthy streak of jealousy. See you @SXSW 2010!!

Famousish said...

this will always be the fucking authority behind sxsw. i have to graciously admit the success we had last year was due 99% to doneski's amazing party sniffing skills. the mans a fucking genius when it comes to this stuff.