Wednesday, March 25, 2009


IT'S TRUE. This is our very last post ever.

When we (Pony & I) came up with the idea for The Famousish, all we wanted to do was tell people where and how to have a good time and poke fun at the ridiculousness that is our Austin nightlife. Certainly if there are two people who felt like the authority on the matter, it was us. We knew this company wouldn't be for everyone, maybe no one, but we didn't care....

Now two years later... it's hard to say what the famousish is. Promotional company, corporate sell out, music blog...?!?!

Even we here at the famousih have no idea anymore... but we do know that if we weren't going to give you everything that you have expected from the past couple years, then it was time to quit....

So instead of slowly fading away... or handing the reigns off to someone else... we're simply ending what we started on a high note. See ya!

Hope you enjoyed all the parties... whether it was XXX-Mas in July, The Tough Party, The Cave Party, a Boat Party on Town Lake, or even a "Fake" Justice show. For better or for worse... we hope you always had fun... we only had you, our readers and fellow partiers in mind.

I just want to say thanks to everyone who has made this blog what it is. The list is long, so don't feel bad if I forgot you... PONY for creating it, JOHNNY for helping run it, LYDIA for designing it (you made us look awesome!), RICHARD GEAR, ALLISON, MITCHELL, THE PEEN SCENE, TIFFANY, DUSTIN, LUIS, RAY, MIGUEL, IAN, MARKUS, BIRD, JAY, all the DJ's who came out and played, HENRI, DO512, ALLLLLL the sponsors who gave us free stuff, GUS... and everyone else who deserves to be mentioned. Again sorry if I forgot you, you know who you are.

Thanks for everything. We will be keeping the old posts up so if you ever want to look back and think of that year that the famousish changed your life and made you into a bar-hopping, music loving fool... it'll just be a click away.