Monday, July 28, 2008

MUSSELS: Dear and the Headlights

The first time I heard Dear and the Headlights was at their show last Halloween in San Antonio. It was pretty weird. For one, I was dressed up as the Phantom of the Opera (pictured above), which I thought was hilarious but all the 16 year olds at the show didn't get it, and pretty much no one else was dressed up. I had forgotten that things like dressing up for Halloween aren't cool again until you're 18. Anyways, I really liked their show. Much like my outfit, the 16 year olds didn't seem to understand Dear and the Headlights. That's because they're a band that got stuck touring with the wrong bands and now, the people that should love them haven't heard them yet. Their album is the first in years that I totally wore out after I heard it. I still listen to it every time I'm driving or on a plane. I don't have to skip from song to song, every song seems to fit seamlessly one after another.

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